Shared by Don Howard in a comment just made…

I believe this might be KH-Y.


KH-Y? AR438

More information here.

model: Vb
factory: West
engine: M45

5 MU 27-4-42

403 Squadron 3-6-42

CAC ops 3-43

ros 401 Squadron  27-3-43

FAA 12-4-43

ros 416 Squadron 3-6-43

310 Squadron 7-6-43

52 OTU 24-6-43

VASM 9-7-43

M46 install

ARF 2-12-43

FAAC 15-4-44

ros CGS 16-1-45

Reid Sigrist refurb to Portugal 16-9-47


6 thoughts on “KH-Y?

    • KH-Y was a plane with 403 Squadron.
      I have came across your father’s name while I was researching 403 Squadron.

    • Hi Jim.
      I am very interested in hearing more about your father’s Spitfire flying. Please write to me at “john.engelsted” at “” (replace at with a @)

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