Kittyhawk lovers – Update

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The 403 squadron site is a work of love, and respect. Well done. They were truly great guys ! I’m a major fan of the Curtiss p-40 Kittyhawk. I quite by accident came across this site while doing research on Umnak, Island, Alaska. There I found an image of pranged Kittyhawk from RCAF 118 Squadron AK 857 I.D. ‘H’. that took place on 1/September/42. My dad served with the 111 (F) Squadron Thunderbirds.

Dad was stationed  at Elmendorf, AFB, and he and one of his buddies were sent down to Annette Island to repair ( I believe) this Kittyhawk. Just curious, would anyone have further info on the above mentioned hawk. ie: who was the pilot ? what was the cause of the prang ?

Once again, nice site and thank you in advance.


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Any comments?

Alaska Kittyhawk 3 Kittyhawk with pilot 2 Kittyhawk with pilot 1 Kittyhawk 2 Kittyhawk-001 Kitty Hawk (sic) landing Alaska Kitty Hawk cash landing Alaska

4 thoughts on “Kittyhawk lovers – Update

  1. Hi Lorne,

    Thank you for your reply. Your Dad took some great pictures while stationed at Annette, Island.
    I take it that your Dad’s trade in the air force was that of an AEM or ‘fitter’ in service parlance.
    Dad was an AFM, ‘rigger’ When he told me of his sojourn to Annette,Island, a lot of water had gone under the bridge, ( so to speak ) He didn’t recall if it was flaps, or the landing gear. In the photo, flaps appear to be fully up ( difficult to see ) and landing gear fully retracted. This accident was rated as category ‘B’. The main thing is/was, the pilot made it back, and hopefully not injured. As for this Kitty, she was repaired, put back on the flight line ready to go.

    Thanks once again.



  2. Another comment by Arrow

    Hello Pierre I just came across some info regarding the “prang ” of a 118 sqd Kittyhawk
    AK 857 I.D. ‘ H’ that I think will be of interest. The accident occurred on 1/Sept/42
    Sgt/pilot Manzer L.D. # R99658 “pranged” at 15:05 hrs on return from “sortie” low level attack on Japanese targets, was landing when he ran off (over shot)? the
    runway, the landing struts gave way and the Kitty continued going past the boundary fencing. The Kitty swung to starboard some 30 degrees and continued
    going over a 4 ft abutment coming to a halt. (Hell of a ride!) Hope this solves a little mystery. R.C.A.F 118 Sqd was nicknamed ” Cougar “.

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