Don Anderson – The Power of the Internet

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The Internet  is a powerful tool when you want to reach out to people.

This is what I found on the Internet after Dean Stevens sent me a picture his wife took of his Don Anderson’s lithograph.


“RCAF The War Years WWII Air Forces Reunion
Commemorating 40th Anniversary
Battle of Britain”

A set of 12 full colour reproductions from the original paintings.
The artist is Don Anderson who was an official war artist with the RCAF.

1. Alouette 425 Squadron


2. Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVI 416 Squadron


3. RCAF Group 6 Halifax surveying Hamburg, VE day plus 2


4. A tail gunner doing maintenance on bomber’s rear guns


5. 403 Squadron returns to Evère airfield Jan. 1, 1945


6. Rear gunner Halifax Mk 1


7. Canadian airman taking off under fire 416 squadron, Evere, Belgium.


8. Lancaster Mk X 431 squadron, Croft,Yorkshire


9. B 90 Petit Brogel, Belgium


10. Beaufighters 404 Squadron taking off for Norway, Banff, Scotland.


11. Night Intruder, de Havilland Mosquito


12. After the Rain, “Tusker” Squadron, Ceylon


This blog was created in September 2011 when I met a young man whose grandfather was a Spitfire pilot.

 Walter Neil Dove is in the middle on this picture.

Wally Dove and his two erks

Most people likely had never heard of him. Most people most likely never heard the word “erks”. The two men are what pilots affectionately called erks… airframe mechanics, fitters,…

Dean had a lithograph and wanted to know more.

2016-06-11 07.46.58

George White was an erk.

George White 2

His son Mark found my blog and contributed with a series of articles about his father and fellow erks. Everything is here for Dean to read if he wants to know how those erks were heroes in their own way.

Lest We Forget.

29 thoughts on “Don Anderson – The Power of the Internet

  1. A lovely set with some wonderful works of art. It makes me wonder why so much of the modern art I see is just so much rubbish compared to these. Have artists just forgotten how to draw properly?

  2. My father has three of these in his hallway. We got them from a neighbour’s garage sale, and they figured they had them for years.

    The executor of my father’s estate would like to know where we can get them appraised.

  3. The folder of pictures painted by Don Anderson was done for RCAF, an air force reunion commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. S. Anderson

    • Dear Sharon, I would like to make arrangements to use one of your husband’s Uncle’s pictures in my dad’s biography, « Luck is 33 Eggs. » A fee or donation for the use would be fine. Dan Middleton

      • Have you been in contact with her? I don’t know if she is still reading this thread.

  4. My Dad flew twice in the Lancaster KB-811 painted at Croft.
    I am using this print in my dad’s biography and I am trying to locate a family member to give me official permission to use it. Dad and I plan to have it finished for his 97th birthday in July.

      • Pierre. Dan Middleton is my husband’s cousin. He has reached out to you in the past and you in turn reached out to Sharon Anderson to see if Dan could use a photograph of on of Donald K. Anderson’s lithographs. Dan never heard from Sharon. You called her Sherry. I am wondering if we can try again. Can you give her my email. I have edited and proofread Dan’s book for him.

      • I will contact her and let her see your comment. Do you want me to give her your email address if she replies?

      • I will contact her tomorrow morning and I will give her your email address so she can contact you.

      • This is what I wrote…

        Hi Sherry,

        Someone has commented on the blog where you were asking about Don Anderson’s paintings.
        His father flew a Lancaster and he wants permission to use one of the painting for his book about his father.
        This is where you can reach him… 


  5. Great article I have a set of prints of these Don Anderson paintings. They are vibrant and portray the scene very effectively.

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