Who remembers George Boudreau? Redux

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403 Squadron group picture March 1945

A group of pilots of the RCAF Wolf Squadron, who posed for snapshots on a summery March day before their nissen dispersal hut at the new RCAF airfield in Belgium. 

REAR left to right: 

F/L E.G. Aitchison, Elora, Ont.;

F/O George R. Nadon, Temiskaming, PQ.;

+P/O Steve Butte, DFC., Michel, B.C.;

F/O Andy Birchnall, Stamford Centre, Ont.(adjutant); 

F/O A.J. McLaren, Kenogami, PQ. (21 Price St);

F/O F.S. Gillis, Pense, Sask.;

F/L J.W. Gilmartin, Hamilton, Ont (172 Balmoral Ave);

F/L S.A. Tosh, Almonte, Ont.;

F/L T.S. Todd, Hamilton, Ont (20 Part St. S);

WO1 George V. Boudreau, Lower Wedgeport, Yarmouth City, N.S. (Missing)

Front:  Sgt R.C. Neitz, Framingham USA;

F/O A.V.R. Sainsbury Toronto (106 Lyton Blvd);

F/O David Leslie, Halifax (288 Goddington St);

F/L W.N. Dove, Sarnia, (329 South Mitten St);.

F/O John Robert Baker, North Markham, On;

F/L C.J. Tomlinson, Toronto (10 Tichester Rd);

P/O Harold Byrd, Tulsa, Okla (317 West 11th St.) Missing. 

On motorbike, F/L Reg Morris, Windsor Ont (547 Brock)

Courtesy Dean Black


ORBs taken from Airforce. ca Website

Friday, February 2, 1945

Two shows today, the first one an armed recce to the Munster Rhine area. The weather was very poor and the show uneventful. The second was an area cover to bombers over the Euskrichen area. F/L E.A. Fleming was posted to the Squadron to fill a Flight Commander vacancy, so used by F/L Dick Reeves before being posted non effective sick. We also welcome a new pilot to the Squadron in the person of WO1 Boudreau.


Thursday, March 15, 1945

Weather lovely – clear and warm. Two operational trips flown, both escort. R124758 WO.1 G.V. Boudreau has been reported missing. He was seen to make a safe forced landing behind the line so here’s hoping he makes it back safely one day.

Byrd and Boudreau

Hank Byrd and George Boudreau

collection Walter Neil Dove

Our Casualties for Month:

403 Squadron group picture March 1945 George Boudreau

Can/R124758 WO 1. Boudreau G.V.
Missing 15-3-45

Hank Byrd

Can/J89351 P/O H.C. Byrd
Missing 19-3-45

collection Walter Neil Dove

Mac Reeves

Can/J87156 F/O M. Reeves
Missing (Believed Killed) 28-3-45

collection Walter Neil Dove

Edward Aitchison

Can/J8387 F/L E.G. Aitchison
Missing 31-3-45

Flying Times for Month

Operational Hours : 804:45
Non Operational Hours : 107:25
Auster : Nil
: 912:10

March 1945 casualties

collection Walter Neil Dove

Who remembers George Boudreau?

His son-in-law does.


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