RMS Queen Mary

From Mark White

RMS Queen Mary

Hello Pierre,

In response to your readers request for anything on the refitted Queen Mary as a troop ship, I have a few pictures from my dad’s collection to share.

I apologize for the quality. They aren’t that great – it may have something to do with the Southampton fog.

Although my father did not sail back to Canada on the Queen Mary, it must have been an impressive sight in the harbour.

My father sailed back to Canada on the New Amsterdam. She was also quite an impressive Dutch ocean liner that was also pressed into service as a troop transport during the war. I’m sure it was every bit as crowded as the Queen Mary during voyages. I’m including a picture of troops packed on the deck at the stern of the ship.

Captions are as on the original photographs.

RMS Queen Mary 1

Queen Mary

RMS Queen Mary 1 (5)

Queen Mary at Southhampton

RMS Queen Mary 1 (4)

Aquitania at South Hampton

RMS Queen Mary 1 (3)

Stern of the New Amsterdam (Move over and give me more room).

March 2016

5 thoughts on “RMS Queen Mary

  1. My Father, Leonard Weston, went one-way on the Queen Mary and the other on C.P.’s Empress of Scotland. Unfortunately I don’t know for sure, but think he went over on the Empress and back on the Queen, fitted out as a Hospital Ship. Also, I have no photos of them.
    Lorne Weston

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