How to contact me? – Update

A spin-off blog of this one…

RAF 249 Squadron

This is post No. 15.

This blog evolved from my blog on RCAF 403 Squadron created in 2011 when I met for an hour the grandson of a Spitfire pilot. Greg had all of his grandfather’s photo albums and log books. When he showed them to me I told Greg that we had to share what he had.

Greg could have said no, but he trusted me with paying homage to his grandfather and his fellow pilots.

Then Buck McNair’s son found that blog, and wanted to share what he knew about his father…


But since Buck McNair was not with 403 Squadron, I decided to create this blog.

This is post No. 15, and I share what people want to share with me. It’s not about money.These young men have paid enough.

I am just paying homage to unsung heroes like the pilots whose names you will find on…

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