Requesting information about a Spitfire pilot

Flt/Sgt Bradley Edward Argue

Ted’s aircraft  was a Spitfire Mk Vb with an aircraft code of  KH-R serial number AD206.

Ted told me that his aircraft was “ropey” in its flight habits and had two odd modifications. The first was a glider tug tow assembly on the tail wheel for towing gliders (probably Hotspurs) and exhaust guards for night flying.

I hope this will help. If you happen to find a photo, please advise.

Stuart  Tait

Hotspur glider?



The General Aircraft GAL.48 Hotspur was a military glider designed and built by the British company General Aircraft Ltd during World War II. When the British airborne establishment was formed in 1940 by order of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, it was decided that gliders would be used to transport airborne troops into battle. General Aircraft Ltd were given a contract by the Ministry of Aircraft Production in June 1940 to design and produce an initial glider for use by the airborne establishment, which resulted in the Hotspur.

Conceived as an “assault” glider which necessitated a compact design and no more than eight troops carried, tactical philosophy soon favoured larger numbers of troops being sent into battle aboard gliders.


Due to this, the Hotspur was mainly relegated to training where it did excel and it became the basic trainer for the glider schools that were formed.[2]

The Hotspur was named after Sir Henry Percy, a significant captain during the Anglo-Scottish wars who was also known as “Hotspur”.