Ronny’s contribution


Here are some photos taken in September and October 2015 of the remains of the Spitfire of Hank Byrd.

Found at the crash site found March 19 1945.

20150913_195213 20150913_195410 20150919_190403 20150922_181149 20150926_114014 20151003_150201 20151003_165206 20151006_180700

5 thoughts on “Ronny’s contribution

    • I believe the glove belongs to someone searching the site, and put there to compare the size of the artefacts.

      That’s my guess because I have airmen’s gloves before.

  1. I was born in 1953, not too long after the war ended, and it seems incredible that so much time has passed since then that it is now archaeologists who are interested in Spitfires!

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