Who remembered Hank Byrd?

Greg's grandfather

This is Greg’s  grandfather.

This blog pays homage to  everyone  who  appears  in  his  photo albums and in his log book.

When  I  met Greg in September  2011, I  told  him we had  to  share  his grandfather’s  legacy. This  is  part  of his  legacy…

Hank Byrd

Hank Byrd died March 19, 1945. If he had not, he would  have  been  posing  for  this group  picture taken  around March  25th, 1945.

403 Squadron group picture 3

3 thoughts on “Who remembered Hank Byrd?

  1. Hello

    here are some photo’s of the remains of the Spitfire Hank Bryd . Found at the crash site found March 19 1945 September / October 2015 .


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