B2 (Base 2) Crepon France

Written by Mark White in 2013

RCAF No. 403 Squadron

Written  by Mark White

B2 (Base 2) Crepon France 

June to August 27 1944

The D-Day was June 6, 1944.

The Erks from 403 Squadron had expectations of landing in France on June 10 1944. The glider crossing was cancelled. My father’s crew was then scheduled to cross the channel by air with the Dakota group, but was switched at the last minute to cross with the barge group.

They eventually landed on Gold Beach on June 18, 1944 and got their trucks on shore. The Maintenance Officer, a fellow named Disher, ordered the crew to make sure that they got the crane truck to the airfield near the Village of Crepon. The crane truck was a key piece of equipment for lifting crashed aircraft and doing engine changes on the Spitfires.

After a long and difficult day moving the trucks along railway lines and under railroad tunnels, they were…

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2 thoughts on “B2 (Base 2) Crepon France

  1. Interesting about the visit to the beach to clean up. My dad told a story about a trip to the beach, possibly the same one, where they had been swimming to clean up. After the swim they were advised by army personnel that the beach had not been cleared of mines. This would have been after June 30/44 as he arrived in France June 30 with 6MFPS

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