Request from a reader

Written last year…

Still searching for Alexander.

RCAF No. 403 Squadron

Dave McAdams who has been contributing to this blog wrote me this message.

Hi Pierre:

Hope you are doing well. Have been seeing your interesting posts on the 403 Squadron site.  Amazing what keeps coming.  Thanks for your efforts.

My search led me to a relative of someone my father served with in 6MFPS and she had three photos with my dad in them.  I have scanned them and they are attached.  I do not know if this was 6MFPS or part of his attachment to 403 Squadron or even if the photos are all from the same year. In New Years RCAF 1 my dad is the corporal on the left holding glass. 

New Years RCAF 1


From his “airman’s Record Sheet” we know he was reclassified  as LAC 1-1-43 and promoted Cpl 22-2-44.  Not sure when the stripes would have appeared on the uniform.  There is also Harold Vandervoort in…

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