A special request

A special request from  Sweden

RCAF No. 443 Squadron

Dear Pierre,

In the war 443 Squadron was part of 127 Wing.  Our story begins after VE- Europe in the British occupation Zone in North Germany. A few miles from Hamburg in the small village Uetersen not far from base 174 lived a German girl named Anne Marie who is my friend’s grandmother. This base was RAF controlled until 1955. The 2nd of July 1945, the HQ of 126 Wing arrived to this base and not long after came the first Canadian Squadron 421 together with servicing Echelon (8-23 Jul 1945). From 4th of July the 126 Wing had 5 Squadrons for the Canadian Post-war actions.

No 411 Sqn (4 Jul 1945-19 Mar 1946).

No 412 Sqn (4 Jul 1945-19 Mar 1946).

No 416 Sqn (4 Jul 1945-19 Mar 1946).

No 443 Sqn (4 Jul 1945-19 Mar 1946).

No 421 Sqn (8 Jul-23 Jul 1945).

No 6416 (RCAF) Servicing Echelon (4 Jul…

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