As written by hand

Maybe you have missed that part of yesterday’s post.

Here’s the story (As Written by Hand):

August 5

Working late again. Don came back again and brought me a good 8 mm German Mauser rifle. This looks like a good one to try and get back home. Our Spitfires are a big attraction for the Army. We got another visit from the Legion Canteen – afternoon tea this time.

Mark has copied what his father wrote in his journal. Not only this time, but everything he has shared with us since 2012. One more reason to repost what Mark wrote so John can easily find Mark’s articles about his father and the real story of erks with 403 Squadron.

I will be signing off for today. Be sure to drop in on Sunday morning for Wings Abroad and on next Tuesday for another of Mark’s article…

Unless something comes up that I have to scramble and share immediately.