Comment left about John B. Le May

I had posted this document on my main blog Lest We Forget as an introduction to all that was shared by John Le May on this blog that pays homage to RCAF 403 Squadron.


His grandson Patrick Lavoie had left a comment that most people never read.

This great man, is my grandfather! I’m so proud of him! His writing, a mirror of himself, it makes you relive a more than difficult time period mankind has the cross .. War! My grandfather and godfather, tell you a true story, although in a particular way that everyone will remember the hard times that we go through as a people … A former combattant like him, it’s unique, I know something, I was lucky to grow up alongside him since my childhood. I still have the chance! And I hope for much longer! Today at 91 years and counting, he also has 10 grand-grandchildren! His personality and his humor like no other, has forged my humor and define me as a person! I am very proud to be your grandson, your godson …

I love you Grandpa!


Yesterday I met John in person for the first time. 

He told me to call him Jean, and asked for a little favor: to post Alex Lacasse’s poem written in French. Alex is another grandson of Jean.

I could hardly refuse.

alex poem


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