Got carried away…

Sorry  for  posting  so much yesterday. I would  like  to say it  won’t  happen  again, but it will.

I  am not  the only  blogger who pays  homage  to veterans  on the Internet. Some are  even  more  carried  away than I am. Some  people  even have  Facebook  pages about  WWII and the Royal  Canadian  Air  Force.

This  being  said, what  about  showing  more of John’s  collection  of memorabilia.


8 thoughts on “Got carried away…

  1. No, Pierre you’re not the only one. I’m glad you’re here and learn much from your efforts. The recent postings about Alaska–during WWII, involve at least (three) bloggers. It’s nice to see how all it all ties together.

    • Indeed amazing even if it’s mostly in French. What is written in these newspapers when the war started is somewhat laughable… But we know war is no joke. Of course Andrew I will continue to soldier on with my blogs.

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