Stocky Edwards – Redux


Can  you  spot  Stocky  Edwards?

I could not in 2011.

Not even in 2012.

Not even in 2013. In 2014 when Pat Murphy contacted me on this blog.

Who is Pat Murphy?

Stocky with model of Kittyhawk

Stocky Edwards


John B. commented…


Good morning Pierre,

Yes I am fairly sure that he’s the one with the small dog. Last year I visited the aviation museum and spoke to a visitor who told me he knew him and he was living so where in BC. All others on the photo were mostly Admin Officers of the Wing and were very sociable. Stan Turner was my neighbour for two months in Eastview in 194?. We met at the bus stop almost a dozen times. Not a word was heard… not even a glance. He was a Group Captain. And I was … a very happily married young vet. 68 years, 69 in November.

À la prochaine.

John B.


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