Comment section

Comments are most of the time unread by readers who are reading this blog.

That’s the reason I post some comments as full-length articles.

John Le May has been commenting a lot since he has been  reading the  blog, and his comments are as precious  as all his documents and photos he shared.

This is the comment he left last week…

Good morning Pierre,

When I arrived in England in October 42, I was in Bournemouth for a couple of weeks then to the 401 Squadron. The CO was Keith Hodgson who I remember eventually went to NORAD.  Later died in a crash.


I went looking for this pilot since I  knew a pilot whose name was Hodgson.


 John Hodgson killed in 1944

He was not the one.

The pilot who John was referring  to was Keith  Hodson.

Someone has already paid homage to him.

Click  here.





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