Wings Abroad Volume 1 No. 3 – PDF version

Wings Abroad was a newsletter produced for the members of the RCAF Overseas (England). Most issues cover the period late 1940, year 1941 and a few for the early part of 1942. The squadrons shown are the 400, the 401 and the 402.

Once a week, on Sundays, I will post the remainder of Wings Abroad.


Wings Abroad Volume 1 Number 3

PDF above

Production of this CD is the result of a collaboration
The hard work….scanning…cataloguing…photography…caption editing etc.., -: John B. Le May –

The fun stuff….HTML and multimedia programming: – Marcel Lemay –

Some material on this CD may be copyrighted and is not to be distributed commercially


8 thoughts on “Wings Abroad Volume 1 No. 3 – PDF version

  1. Good morning Pierre,

    When I arrived in England in October 42, I was in Bournemouth for a couple of weeks then to the 401 Squadron. The CO was Keith Hodson who I remember eventually went to NORAD. Later died in a crash.


  2. Those pages of Wings Abroad, are certainly entertaining and give great insight into peoples and places, enjoyed perusing through them and seeing the humour in some and charitable acts in other.

    • That’s the reason behind it. Sometimes I will highlight some information along the way in the hope of reaching out to relatives of people mentioned.

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