I wonder if…

That would be something if they ever met…

Pilote de Spitfire - Spitfire Pilot

I wonder if John B. Le May ever met Georges Nadon.

This is John who was an orderly with 127 Wing.


John is 91 years-young, and he has shared all with me on another blog.

Sample of John’s collection

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Canadian European Airlines

Message from Mark White to you John…

John Le May posted this picture from his collection.


Here’s the same vehicle from My Dad’s Collection.

George White and Don Robb

LAC George “Whitey” White (Left)
LAC Don “Robbie” Robb (Right)

John Le May has identified “Robbie” as John Robb.

The vehicle is probably a captured German truck. Notice the roundel painted on the left fender and the 127 Wing identifier painted on the right fender.

I’m hoping John Le May can tell us a story about this vehicle.


Mark White 
February 2015