John Le May’s collection of autographs

John liked to collect  autographs.



John’s  wallet  was stolen, and  he lost all  his  precious  autographs.

These meant so  much  to young John B.


This is  probably  why John wants  to preserve and share so much what  he has  collected  through  his war years.

Editor’s notes

Production of this CD is the result of a collaboration
The hard work….scanning…cataloguing…photography…caption editing etc.., -: John B. Le May –

The fun stuff….HTML and multimedia programming: – Marcel Lemay –

Some material on this CD may be copyrighted and is not to be distributed commercially


3 thoughts on “John Le May’s collection of autographs

  1. Pierre,

    that young lady lived across the street at 85 and I lived at 98 just neighbours. Before leaving in August 41 I asked for her photo as a reminder while I was away. No other communications and never saw her again. However her sister worked with in Public Works for many years. Speaking of 98 Stewart, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, princess at the time, got in her chauffeur driven car and went to pick up my sister Françoise, her cook who quit while she was out of town because the staff used her as a baby sitter. She agreed to return with many privileges and no more baby sitting. As they say…the rest is history. Incidentally that’s when I found out what the rich people ate for lunch. As mentioned in my memoirs. As what’s his name used to say at the end of his program “Now you know the rest of the story” about Robb. I mean.

    A la prochaine Pierre…

    J B L

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