Good morning John

I know you read the blog every morning.

Mark White wants to know if these faces look familiar? The erk in the red circle is his father George White.

George White left

8 thoughts on “Good morning John

  1. Good morning Pierre,

    I get up at 5.30 every morning, 8 hours of sleep is enough for me,but the real reason…anxious to open my I pad. A good way to start the day.

    No, I can’t remember meeting his father, not too many occasions to meet.

    By the way that photo eventually included Eisenhower when he visited us middle of April to meet Monty who refused to give me his autograph…he did not want to be bothered. Incidentally when you address a Field Marshall, if there is a next time, don’t forget to salute. No autograph! Again Pierre, thank you.

    A la prochaine….


  2. John, I have a photo of Ike and Monty from my dad’s collection, plus a lot of photos of Americans and Dakotas from the same visit.
    Unfortunately the photo of Ike and Monty is not autographed, but I do have a great story from the “journal” about that day.
    I promise to publish it soon.

  3. Yes Pierre, all photos including Babe Ruth (arriving or leaving on a TCA at the TCA hangar near our base at Darthmouth late 41 or early spring 42…

    Bon appétit.


  4. Hello the man standing in the middle with his arms outstretched around his friends ( including the man clicked- your Dad) is my Dad C. Alec Woods- my Dad talked about Whiitey. My Dad’s war nickname was Chuck ( named for Canuck and his first name was Charles) my Dads pictures were lost- do you know of any other ones that might include my Dad. I can’t see him in any other pictures posted so thank you so much for this one- it is amazing to see him! My Dad always said there was nothing glamorous about the war, he never talked about it until later in his life – reading your blogs I can see why he said that. I so appreciate your blog/information it makes me feel connected to my Dad! Thank you

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