John Le May’s recollection – King of the Dogfights

Taken from John Le May’s CD…

JOHNNY JOHNSON….was my “boss” during the winter of 44/45 in Belgium which has been declared the coldest winter in 50 years…I believed them…man it was cold…How cold was it you ask? You don’t want to know. Back to Johnny Johnson who was a British fighter pilot during the Battle of Britain 40/41…ended the war with the most “kills”. My wife and I had a short breakfast with him in his room at the Château Laurier about 25 years ago on the occasion of the annual reunion of the Fighter Pilots’ Association. I had been invited as a member of the 2nd Tactical Air Force Spitfire Wing. and I had met most of them at some time during the campaign. He gave me his home address which is shown somewhere on this cd.

JEJ home address

Johnnie Johnson’s home address

Now I remember how cold it was…one day he asked me to take his 1939 Buick (which had been “given ” to him and get it checked at one of the garages in Brussels…On my way back to the airfield the car stalled and would not start. Finally reached his trailer office, did not wait for an explanation, picked up the phone and threw it at the car…missed me by “that much”. Otherwise he was a very sociable and friendly guy in spite of his rank. His Spitfire which bears the initials JE J (as shown on this cd) was at the Aviation museum just as you go in the from door. I have not been there for a few years although I live 5 minutes away. Maybe I’ll go back and check one of these days.


JEJ (cont'd)


Editor’s notes

Production of this CD is the result of a collaboration
The hard work….scanning…cataloguing…photography…caption editing etc.., -: John B. Le May –

The fun stuff….HTML and multimedia programming: – Marcel Lemay –

Some material on this CD may be copyrighted and is not to be distributed commercially

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