Don’t shoot!!

From John’s collection


Don't shoot

John added this.

The Russians were so drunk with “victory over Germany” that they could not tell the difference between German soldiers’ uniforms and ours. They used to be blue but after a while and after a year’s wear and tear and hardly any chance of taking it to the local cleaning establishment (don’t forget this was Europe..not China) it eventually became to look very much like Jerry’s uniforms. But for the inscription, I always thought it meant ” I am an Anglican, don’t shoot before you ask questions”


Editor’s notes

Production of this CD is the result of a collaboration
The hard work….scanning…cataloguing…photography…caption editing etc.., -: John B. Le May –

The fun stuff….HTML and multimedia programming: – Marcel Lemay –

Some material on this CD may be copyrighted and is not to be distributed commercially


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