Most comments  are most  often overlooked.

Sometimes  I will  feature  one as a featured  post.

This  is post  500 with  Pat Lavoie commenting  on  this  blog.


This great man, is my grandfather! I’m so proud of him! His writing, a mirror of himself, it makes you relive a more than difficult time period mankind has the cross .. War! My grandfather and godfather, tell you a true story, although AC particular way that everyone will remember the hard times that we go through as a people … A former combattant like him, it’s unique, I know something, I was lucky to grow up alongside him since my childhood .. I still have the chance! And I hope for much longer! Today at 91 years and counting,he also has 10 grand-grandchildren  !! His personality and his humor like no other, has forged my humor and define me as a person! I am very proud to be your grand-son, your godson … I love you Grandpa! xxxxx


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