Comment from Mark White about John Le May’s contribution

Thanks for posting John Lemay’s stories, documents and photographs.
I have previously read some of John’s information on line, but I have never read the entire story until you posted it.

After a quick read last night, I have already solved a couple of mysteries and questions I have had about 403 Squadron’s activities during the war. Some of the perspectives the ground crew had are somewhat different though.

John’s stories certainly parallel the stories notes, and photographs I have about my father, George White’s experiences during the war. The stories about Churchill’s visit, the Liberation of Paris, life in Antwerp and Brussels Belgium, hardships in Holland, Operation Bodenpatte, the visit of Eisenhower  and Montgomery to 127 Airfield and the visit to the Belsen camp are similar to the stories, notes and photographs I have from my dad’s stuff.

I even have a couple of original “Wingtips” newsletters the Mr. LeMay probably typed and copied.

Pierre, I am even more excited  now to share more information on your website with your readers.



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