Who remembers LAC Medforth? Jennifer does

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Hello Pierre,

My name is Jennifer, and I live in Victoria BC. I love to collect old photos, 35mm slides, postcards and ephemera . I used to have a friend who was a flea marker dealer who would on occasion sell me large piles of random photos and ephemera that he would pick up at estate sales etc. He died about 10 years ago, and I still have all the things I bought from him and it is still in a bit of a disorganized mess in my office.

This evening I thought I would go back and look at these photos – try to sort them into some sort of sense, and see if there was anything interesting there.

I came across these 2 black and white photos. I do not know who owned them previously. I immediately wanted to look and see if there was any information on line regarding this gentleman’s history. I thought that someone out there might really appreciate their importance. And I found your name and your site, with a detailed story of what happened when he died.

I thought I would scan them and send them to you. Please feel free to do whatever you wish to do with them. I don’t know if there are family members who might appreciate them that you know of…

Regarding the image of his funeral procession, with his casket held up by the pall bearers, I found very interesting. At first I wasn’t 100% sure that this was Robert Medforth’s casket, but if you look at the man who is third in line at the rear of the casket, it does appear to be the same man in the photo on your website about Robert Medforth (the one titled Whitey, Bill and Bob Medfoth). I’ve included a close-up scan of that part of the photo. It is a heartbreaking image.

The image of his cross seems to differ slightly in comparison to the image on the site titled “Bob’s fresh grave ” (lettering etc.). I’m not sure why that is… I’m not very knowledgeable about war history etc. but perhaps you could tell me.

Anyway, I will include them as jpg images. I have left them fairly large so they can be adjusted how you would like. If you would like the original photos, I would be happy to mail them to you – just let me know.

In the spirit of Remembrance Day and with respect to LAC Robert Medforth and his service, I hope you find these images as interesting as I have.

Many thanks,
Jennifer K.