Ken Harvey and Walt Hill – Redux

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This Ken Harvey is my father and he turned 92 on September 1, 2014 and lives with me in Toronto.  He has many stories of the war and shares them with his family. He has a number of photos from that time and I will try and load them at some point soon.


Ken Harvey and Walt Hill

Collection Dean Black


4 thoughts on “Ken Harvey and Walt Hill – Redux

  1. Red Ryder passed away yesterday morning at North York General Hospital. He was 92. He wanted a simple cremation and that is what he will get. However the family will be planning a memorial service through the Legion.

  2. Fantastic. I met Ken at the Ian Ormston BBQ in 2001, and again in his home in 2004 in Kingston. I’m so pleased to hear he is still with us. He was kind enough to sign some prints for me, back then, and then he has gone quiet. So glad to know he is still teaching us about the war.

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