Red Ryder

After I got this personal message, I went looking for him…

My good friend’s father is Lloyd G. Ryder.  He was a Spitfire pilot with 403 squadron station in the UK during WW II.  He now lives in Toronto Canada.  He has cancer and has been given weeks to live.

Does anyone know him?



From the collection of Walter Neil Dove.

Red Ryder at Uetersen, Germany

Red Ryder

red ryder - Copie (3)

red ryder - Copie (4)


7 thoughts on “Red Ryder

    • My pleasure.
      You can write to me and I will send you all the pictures I posted or you can right click and save as the image on your computer.

      Please send my best wishes to Red for me.


    • This blog was created in September 2011 in the hope of connecting with relatives of these airmen, pilots or ground crew.
      It pays homage to all of them.

  1. Thank You very much for posting these pictures of Red Ryder. He Passed the other day. Red was my Uncle and his service to Canada and the world means a great deal to me. Having served in the Canadian Forces myself, these pictures are priceless for me! I have fond memories talking with Uncle Red about the times he flew.
    The group picture that he is inferred to, sure looks like him…..I am sure it is him.

  2. I worked with Lloyd (Red) for many years at CSA. I have a print of the 144 squadron on D Day and asked Red to sign it. He said that he was not in the picture as he had a clipped wing Spit that day.
    He will be missed. We will not forget.

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