Red Ryder

After I got this personal message, I went looking for him…

My good friend’s father is Lloyd G. Ryder.  He was a Spitfire pilot with 403 squadron station in the UK during WW II.  He now lives in Toronto Canada.  He has cancer and has been given weeks to live.

Does anyone know him?



From the collection of Walter Neil Dove.

Red Ryder at Uetersen, Germany

Red Ryder

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McArthur and Doyle

Someone is looking for a pilot…
His name appears on this post on my other blog.

Thursday, June 28, 1945

A Board for the Disposal of Records and Documents and Correspondence for 403 has been formed to examine all such documents prior to disbandment. Posting advices have been received for the pilots, seven posted to No. 421 Squadron as follows: F/O E.C. Trumble, F/L A.V. Sainsbury, F/O A.A. Roy, F/L W.N. Dove, F/O R. Young, WO Hallett D.H. WO Ryder L.C. Seven pilots posted to 443 Squadron as follows: F/O J.R. Baker, F/O M. Silver, P/O G.K. Lindsay, WO Arsenault J.A. WO Barbour R.E. WO Pickering J.C. WO Watchorn K.S. The other pilots have either a very high repatriation priority or volunteered for the Far East and Occupation of Europe. S/L A.E. Fleming, F/L E.C. Doyle and F/L C.S. Yarnell are the only three shown with high priority for repatriation and are expected to return to Canada. Twenty other officers and two airmen pilots have been posted to the Squadron and will return to England for sorting out. No more practice flying.



There is a Ryder on this picture. Kneeling behind the 9th airman starting from the left in the first row.
Not sure this was a pilot. Can’t see his wings on his jacket.

Pilote de Spitfire - Spitfire Pilot

Do you know anything about these two pilots who were stationed in France with 403 Squadron?

Avez-vous des informations sur ces deux pilotes basés en France avec l’escadrille 403?

McArthur & Doyle

Somewhere in France

Collection Georges Nadon

Doyle’s name is mention on this post.

F/O Bob Shannon of the Wolves destroyed an FW.190 at Hagenow just after it had landed and, as aircraft in large numbers were reported parked there and at Schwerin, the squadron visited those two aerodromes later in the day and damaged four enemy aircraft on the ground. S/L Zary claimed an Me.262 and a Ju.88 while F/Ls Reg Morris and E. O. Doyle each damaged an Me.262.

In the 403’s ORBS… (source)

Monday, April 23, 1945

A good flying day, with the gang airborne at 0530 hours right through to 2037 hours in the evening, which was a very tiring day for most.  The Squadron…

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