Time frame?

John Engelsted commented on EN130, code KH-F.

Jimmy Abbotts pilot sitting on ac

Time frame is February to October 1943 because of the aircraft – EN130 KH-F.

So this picture would have been taken during the same time period.

pilots - group of 4

And the pilots would have been flying with Jimmy right?

We can search for names using the ORBs on Air Force Association of Canada. Website.

And the picture looks to have been taken during the summer of 1943 by looking at the foliage and before he was shot down.

Thursday, 29 July, 1943

It was very warm, bright and clear today with very few clouds.  12 Group Ramrod 22: The Wing went to Cotishall for this operation and took-off from there, led by W/C Johnson.  The role of the Wing was top cover to Marauders.  Rendezvous was made South of Southwold at 12,000 feet with the bombers who turned back when they were within 20 miles of Ijmuiden.  Our Wing continued on to the target before crossing out at the coast over Zandvoort at 22,000 feet.  Soon after crossing the coast, enemy aircraft were seen below and sections of 421 Squadron were detailed to attack while 403 Squadron remained as top cover.  In the following engagement, W/C Johnson fired on one, which is claimed as damaged, and P/O Linton of 421 fired on one, which he saw crash SW of the Schipol aerodrome and is claimed as destroyed.  About the same time, F/L Fowlow with 421 Squadron destroyed a ME 109, which was seen to crash SW of Amsterdam.  Sgt Dixon of 421 attacked the other ME 109 of the pair that were flying together and claimed this one as damaged.  421 Squadron later got one more 109 that was claimed as destroyed and was seen to crash.  P/O J.E. Abbotts and F/L Goldberg, both of 403 Squadron were flying with 421 Squadron and were bounced southwest of Amsterdam.  P/O Abbotts was last seen in this area and is posted as missing.  No one saw him being attacked.  403 Squadron gave cover throughout the entire engagement and were not engaged themselves.  There was moderate light and heavy flak encountered in the Amsterdam -Schipol and Noordwijerhout area.  The Wing crossed the coast on the way out in the Noordwijerhout area at various heights and times, pancaking at Cotishall at about 1115 hours.  The Wing took-off by 1115 hours and the Sections were as follows:

Blue Section    Red Section    Yellow Section
F/L Dover    S/L Godefroy    F/O Ogilvie
F/O Preston    P/O Gray    F/L Southwood
F/O Lambert    F/O Middlemiss    F/O Dowding
F/O Foster    F/O Brannagan    F/O Browne

P/O J.E. Abbotts and F/L Goldberg flew as White 3 and 4 with 421 Squadron.  Red 2, P/O Gray, returned from the sweep and landed at Kenley, his a/c being u/s.