Still more about Jimmy Abbotts

Pictures sent by Dean Black.

Jimmy Abbotts pilot sitting on ac


Pilot sitting on aircraft: this is Jimmy Abbotts.

He can be seen second from right in the second photograph of a group of 4 pilots. Perhaps your blog readers can identify the others?

pilots - group of 4



4 thoughts on “Still more about Jimmy Abbotts

  1. Hi,

    Was Jimmy ever posted near Twickenham in the UK because I have a pint tankard which I bought there which has the RCAF badge on it plus FL 3122? I was told it was 2nd World War.

    I am guessing Flight Lieutenant is FL:

    Can anyone help?


    • If you can take a picture and send it via e-mail, I will give you my e-mail.
      I will then post the picture on the blog… and sit and wait.

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