Still more about Jimmy Abbotts

Pictures sent by Dean Black.

Jimmy Abbotts pilot sitting on ac


Pilot sitting on aircraft: this is Jimmy Abbotts.

He can be seen second from right in the second photograph of a group of 4 pilots. Perhaps your blog readers can identify the others?

pilots - group of 4



Flight Lieutenant Ron Forsyth – Redux

About Ron Forsyth…

Somewhere in Holland in 1944.

¨Mo¨Morrison,G.Nadon Ron Forsythe Holland 44

Colin sent me this message a while back about his grandfather who was still living.

Ron is still with us. Colin told me in a message when I sent him this picture. So what is so interesting about this pilot and his grandson.

He had some very interesting information to send along and share with my readers.

This is what he wrote in 2012.

Hi Pierre,

I’m sending you a couple of pictures and some scans of papers that my grandfather has been keeping.  

There is a photo taken of him in September 1944, just after my father was born in Cambridge.  

There is a scan of a group photo from the Neil Dove collection that was published in a magazine in the 1970s.  It’s more formal looking than the ones you had posted on your blog.

My Grandfather had a book that he lent to someone, but lost track of.  The one thing he has from that book is a photo copy about the history of the 403 and all the planes with serial numbers.  

There is a list of all the types of planes he flew.

I’ll send these in a couple of emails so it doesn’t get too big.

I printed out a number of the stories for him to read.  He really enjoyed them and added some other details that were not included.  
He said that the reason that Tegerdine crashed onto the roof of the building was due to them using a new type of fuel that blew out the engines.  He told me about one time when he was loaded up with 250 lb bombs under the wing, the electrical system wasn’t working properly so he had to pull a cable to release them.  Unbeknownst to him, one of the 250 lb bombs was still loosely attached to his wing.  As the electrical system wasn’t working, no one could inform him on the radio.  He came in for a landing as usual and the bomb fell, skidded and bounced along the ground for a ways when his wheels touched the ground.  Fortunately it was a dud.  He said the people in the control tower were quite concerned…  


Colin sent this picture on November 10, 2012.

Photo of Ron Forsyth on a new plane. A replacement after his previous one was shot up.

Now this is how this blog works… Simple

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You don’t have to read all that I wrote on this blog.

You just have to be related somehow to someone who had been related to RCAF 403 Squadron during WWII. Use the search button on the right, top right.

Simple! Maybe I wrote something about someone you knew like Ron Forsyth

¨Mo¨Morrison,G.Nadon Ron Forsythe Holland 44

Or this pilot who flew “Belle”

KH-J - Unidentified pilot

Collection Georges Nadon via the Nadon family