Operation Market Garden and Base 82 Grave Netherland

The story behind the picture

RCAF No. 403 Squadron

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It’s from Mark White, and it’s a great one!

I have some wonderful notes from the ERK Journal about 403 Squadrons activities during Operation Market Garden. The Squadron moved into Holland and set up an Airfield at B82 Grave Netherlands. The picture I have of JEJ was likely taken at Eindhoven Holland around September 26 1944 when 403 Squadron met up with an Officer who informed them of “their best road chance” to make it to the not yet accessible base at Grave.


127 Wing left Base 68 at Le Culat Belgium on September 27 1944. There next airfield was Base 82 Grave Netherland where they remained until October 21 1944.

The main party arrived on October 1, 1944.

The journey was 130 miles and it took about 4 days for the convoy to get to Grave. Major ground and air battles were going…

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