Johnnie Johnson revisited

Johnnie Johnson


Johnnie Johnson is a well known figure. That’s what caught my attention in September 2011 when I was looking at Walter Neil Dove’s photo album.


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Johnnie Johnson was more than the RAF top ace.

Johnnie Johnson1

From John Hawley who was an Erk in the RCAF.

In my Air Force experience the best aircrew/pilots were those that respected their Groundcrew. Met AV Marshall J.E. Johnson, RAF in France in 1989. This famous Ace remained ‘best of friends with his WWII Crew Chief (ERK) until his death. Johnnie Johnson was well respected by his pilots and technicians.

403-squadron-pilots-at-headcorn-1943 identification


Wing Commander James E ‘Johnnie’ Johnson at Bazenville Landing Ground, Normandy, 31 July 1944


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