Cathy commented once more about her father

He did have a story about getting shot down and stealing a car from the Germans and driving it back to where he was stationed. He had most of the German uniform he stole from the chauffeur that was with the car. The ring, cigarette case, sword, etc. and at one time talked about a German Luger (?) gun.

Gil Gillis with captured Fw-190

Gil Gillis with a captured FW-190

Remembering Gil Gillis…

I got a comment last night from someone.

There was a fellow that had the hardware store in Rouleau Sk. that was always writing poems. His name was Cox, but I don’t remember his first name. He was a friend (older) of my father Frederick Burdette Gillis. I think we had a bunch of sheets of his poems. 

To be continued…

Gil Gillis