I don’t know if you have this

I don’t know if you have this, feel free to delete if you don’t want it.  I came across this poem, author unknown to me, originally published in the Royal Canadian Air Force magazine is a tribute to the ERKs.


Here’s to the men with greasy hands –
Who fuel our planes when we come in to land
Who fix flak damage and stop the leaks
Who change the tires and stop the squeaks
Tend to the controls to fly them straight
Wait for the planes when the pilots are late.

Who smooth the scratches and rivet the panels
Check, “Loud and Clear” on the radio channels
Who read the writeups and make the repairs
Then check the lines for chaffing and tears
Who pull the chocks and check the wings
And do a million other things

That make an aircraft safe and ready to fly
So – Here’s a salute to those hard working guys
From a group of fliers who too seldom ponder
About the men who keep us UP in the wild blue yonder.

I thought it was a pretty good tribute to them –

GP Cox

9 thoughts on “I don’t know if you have this

  1. There was a fellow that had the hardware store in Rouleau Sk. that was always writing poems. His name was Cox, but I don’t remember his first name. He was a friend (older) of my father Frederick Burdette Gillis. I think we had a bunch of sheets of his poems.

    • Someone wrote me this when he read my post GP…

      Thank you Pierre,

      Although I never went to war I was an Aviation Technician (ERK/Groundcrew) in what is again referred to as the RCAF.

      Started as an Ordinary (very) Seaman in the Canadian Navy in 1968. Remustered to Canadian Air Force in 1976 and retired as an Air Force Maintenance Superintendent on the venerable CH-124 Sea King at 12 AMS Shearwater.

      In my Air Force experience the best aircrew/pilots were those that respected their Groundcrew.

      Met AV Marshall J.E. Johnson, RAF in France in 1989. This famous Ace remained ‘best of friends with his WW II Crew Chief (ERK) until his death. Johnnie Johnson was well respected by his pilots and technicians.

      And he has pictures!!!

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