I wonder who the show off squadron leader was?

This is Penny wrote as she was commenting on my last post about Georges Nadon’s anecdote.

I wonder who the show off squadron leader was?

Your comments are always precious, and I always take the time to answer back especially when someone writes back…

I hope it wasn’t my cousin Bill Pentland!

Glad I replied because I will pay homage next time to two of Penny’s cousins, the Pentland brothers, Bob and Bill.

Monday, 20 December, 1943

Today was sunny with very little cloud.  The Wing went on two sweeps today.  F/O Pentland damaged one FW 190 on the first operation and 421 Squadron destroyed four FW 190s, one ME 109 and damaged one FW 190 and three ME 109s.  S/L Lambert of 421 Squadron is posted as missing.  On the second sweep no enemy aircraft were seen.  P/O Weaver and F/L Goldberg took off on a rhubarb at 1600 hours.  They shot up a number of newly constructed buildings and damaged twelve military vehicles.  Both pilots returned safely although F/L Goldberg was forced to land at West Malling due to a number of flak holes in his starboard wing.  There were four non-operational sorties today on aircraft tests and local flying.  F/O E.L. Gimbel was posted to 421 Squadron today as a Flight Commander.  P/O A.V. Hargraves was posted to 587 Squadron Weston Zoyland wef today.  F/O Pentland crash-landed on the edge of the aerodrome today after the second sweep.  He was admitted to the hospital in a very serious condition, and action has been taken to have him posted non-effective sick to 127 Airfield HQ wef 20-12-43.

403 Squadron Establishment and Flying Times for Month of December 1943

RCAF                                      Other
No. of Officers – Flying    23    2 (USA)
No. of Officers – Ground    2    –
No. of Airmen – Flying      3    1 (USA)
No. of Airmen – Ground    1    1 (USA)

Flying Times for the Month

Operational:         340:45
Non-Operational:  102:15
Tiger Moth:            10:30
Total    453:30

Aircraft on Squadron Strength:    

19 Spitfire Mk IX
BS549    MA578    MJ310    MA832    MA842    MH928
BS129    BS284    MH840    MA844    MA226    MH842
MA840    MH335    BS533    MH831    BS239    MH331

1 Tiger Moth

Our Casualties for the Month:      

F/O R.T. Pentland Seriously injured 20-12-43 (not due to enemy action)

Enemy Casualties:    

19-12-43 P/O Weaver & F/O Pentland shared 9 MT vehicles destroyed.
20-12-43 F/O Pentland damaged 1 FW 190.
20-12-43 P/O Weaver and F/L Goldberg shared 12 MT Vans
21-12-43 F/L Hodgson & P/O Myers shared 1 JU 87 destroyed.
30-12-43 F/O H.R. Finley destroyed 1 ME 109
30-12-43 P/O Weaver destroyed 1 ME 109

Source of information here.


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