Spitfire! Redux

Paying homage to Georges Nadon a Spitfire pilot who flew his last mission with 403 Squadron

Pilote de Spitfire - Spitfire Pilot

Dad in Spitfire-2

Collection Georges Nadon via the Nadon family

Where was this picture taken?

St. Eugene, Aylmer, England, Malta, Bagotville, France, Belgium?

Georges Nadon was posted in several places in his military career in WW II, and I intend to tell you all about it.

Every picture will have its own story to tell.

I don’t know who were the two erks hanging on the wings, but I know Georges Nadon is in the cockpit of the Spitfire Mk Vb with the code MT-M.

I also know where he was stationed when this picture was taken with the information I found in his logbook.

Only two original pilots with 122 Squadron survived the war!

This is what was written on this newspaper clippings.

Newspaper clipping modified

I know this image of the newspaper clipping is hard to read, but it’s worth straining your eyes a little just like I did to find out a…

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2 thoughts on “Spitfire! Redux

  1. Having referred to my copy of ‘FIGHTER SQUADRONS OF THE RAF” I find that 122 Squadron operated Mk Vb Spitfires from November, 1941 through to October 1942. During that period the Squadron was based at 7 different locations in the following order. Scorton, Hornchurch, Fairlop, Martlesham, Hornchurch again the back to Martlesham and then back to Hornchurch. I would assume the photo was taken at one of those UK bases, but you never know. The Squadron started receiving Mk IX Spitfires in September 1942..

    The Squadron history goes on to say in April 1943 up until August 1943 they were re-issued with LF Mk Vb Spitfires.then Mustang III’s.

    Hope this helps solve the mystery.

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