Erks With 126 and 127 Wings Prized German Aircraft

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More identified pictures of captured German aircraft from my dad, George White’s Collection

The first one is simply captioned “126 Wings Prize German Aircraft” and 2 men from his crew are in the foreground. The prize is a Focke-Wulf Fw 58 Weih or “Harrier”. The Fw 58 was widely used for training Luftwaffe personnel. It was also used as VIP transport, ambulance, feeder airliner, photo reconnaissance, and weather research aircraft. It was built under license in Bulgaria and Brazil. It was also operated by several countries such as the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Turkey.

Mark White February 2012-1

 That’s an interesting camo scheme on the wrecked hangar.

  Mark White February 2012-2

I have posted one picture of 403 Squadrons Erks working on a captured FW 190 and now I’m posting another.

This is likely the Fw 190 F8 that was captured at an assembly line at Travemunde, Germany. The RAF flew her from a base in Reinsehlen, Germany in May 1945. Markings and camo scheme seem correct…but there was no werk number known to exist for positive identification.

 Mark White February 2012-3

 Mark White February 2012-4

A good eye might be able to identify some of the Spitfires in the background.


Mark White

February 2014


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