RCAF Station Gander, Wing Commander H.B. “Brandy” Godwin

Follow the lead…?


Brandy Godwin 25-9-1942


Brandy Godwin

RCAF Station Gander, Wing Commander H.B. “Brandy” Godwin’s signature appears on the dollar bill. He appears to have also added the date.

The same pen seems to have been used for the autograph, the Short Snorter inscription and the date.

Brandy Godwin date September 25 1942

Who is Wing Commander H.B. “Brandy” Godwin?

We find more information about him here.

GODWIN, G/C Harold Brandon (C99)

Officer, Order of the British Empire

– Station Gander

– Award effective 14 June 1945 as per Canada Gazette of that date and AFRO 1127/45 dated 6 July 1945.

Born in Westmount, Quebec, 24 April 1907. Educated around Montreal, B.Sc. from McGill (Electrical Engineering) in 1928; appointed to commission 16 July 1928 and won wings 18 March 1929.

Flew at Camp Borden, Ottawa and Trenton, Signals Officer at Borden (1934-36) and later commanded Wireless School at Trenton.

In 1938 appointed Advisor (Air Signals) at RCAF Headquarters with rank of squadron leader.

During war was closely associated with signals including the following – CO, Wireless School (Trenton), Senior Signals Officer, No.3 Training Command (Montreal), CO, No.3 Wireless School (Winnipeg), Director of Air Signals (AFHQ), and CO, Gander.

Early in 1945 was posted to England as air commodore to command No.64 Base, and later made Deputy AOC, RCAF Overseas Headquarters. Attended Imperial Defence College (1946) and then made Deputy Air Member for Air Plans.

On 1 January 1952 promoted air vice-marshal and made AOC, Air Material Command. AOC No.1 Air Division, July 1955 to August 1958. Retired 13 April 1959. Joined RCA Victor after retirement. Died in Montreal, 17 November 1994. Governor General’s Records (RG.7 Group 26, Volume 59, file 190-I, dossier 7 has citation.

This officer has served with distinction over a lengthy period of service in the Royal Canadian Air Force. As Director of Signals at Air Force Headquarters and later as Commanding Officer of RCAF Station Gander, he has made an outstanding contribution to the efficiency of Royal Canadian Air Force operations in the Western Hemisphere. The unflagging energy, skill and initiative with which he has carried out his arduous duties have been an inspiration to all with whom he has served. Throughout his service his devotion to duty has been outstanding.

GODWIN, A/C Harold Brandon (C99)

Commander, Order of the British Empire – Overseas Headquarters – Award effective 13 June 1946 as per Canada Gazette of that date and AFRO 660/46 dated 5 July 1946.

Air Commodore Godwin did outstanding work in Royal Canadian Air Force Signals organization and operations in Eastern Air Command after which he was posted overseas where he became Officer in Charge of Administration at No.6 Group Headquarters and later Deputy Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, RCAF Headquarters Overseas. His untiring effort and clear thinking, together with his organizing ability, has been a considerable contribution to the solving of the many difficult problems met in the repatriation of the Royal Canadian Air Force since the cessation of hostilities. His conscientious, vigorous and enthusiastic devotion to duty is worthy of recognition.

The question is…

Where was Brandy Godwin on September 25th, 1942?

Was he on Malta the day Buzz Beurling shot down two planes?

I doubt it…