RCAF 403 Wolf Squadron Erks and Two More Destroyed German Aircraft

More contribution from Mark White

Mark White 1 wreck

This picture from my dad George White’s collection was just captioned “Damaged German Aircraft” and it shows a couple of men from his crew standing by a wreck.

The wreckage can be positively identified as the forward fuselage section from a heavily damaged Junkers Ju 88.

The unidentified Erk on the right of the photo has his hand resting on the forward fuselage, and just above his hand, on the canopy, can be seen a small circular opening. This was for a forward-firing machine-gun. That may indicate a bomber version, but as the forward nose (glazed or metal) is apparently missing, it’s rather difficult to confirm. Behind the same man, is a solid metal nose cap in a light colour, reminiscent of the C-series heavy fighters or possibly even a G-series night-fighter.

Mark White 1 Ju 88

This picture of a wreck shows the tail section from Focke-Wulf 190 D9. The lengthened fuselage section and the canopy frame on the ground identify it positively as a D9.

Mark White 1 wreck 2

Mark White 1 Fw 190 D9 

Mark White
January 2014.

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