Erk Life Take Two – 403 Wolf Squadron “Life in the Forest”

Here are five pictures from my dad George White’s collection showing some of his crew members camped out in a forest.

The location where these pictures were taken and names of the men are unknown.

Judging by the vegetation and the state of the forest, I’m guessing springtime, so, perhaps Germany 1945.

Life in the forest 1

Unidentified 403 Squadron Erks

Life in the forest 2

Unidentified 403 Squadron Erks

Life in the forest 3

Unidentified 403 Squadron Erks

Life in the forest 4

Unidentified 403 Squadron Erks

Life in the forest 5

Unidentified 403 Squadron Erks


Mark White

January 2014


Comment from a reader…

Perhaps, Cleve Reichswald? Germany.

I know 403 Squadron was stationed at Fassberg after the war.

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7 thoughts on “Erk Life Take Two – 403 Wolf Squadron “Life in the Forest”

    • As I wrote, 403 was stationed at Fassberg, but the ground crew pictures could have been taken close to the airfield.

    • Remember when we met in September 2011 and I told you that these mementoes had to be shared.
      This blog has 371 posts. The blogs about 128 Squadron is a spin-off of this blog so is the blog about 443 Squadron.
      Hard to stop when people want to share.
      People out there owe you so much.
      You could have kept those mementoes for yourself.

    • This is a comment I got about a pilot who was with 443 Squadron.

      Edited comment

      My name is …

      The pilot is my grand father.
      Thank you for all you have done to bring the history of the 443 squadron to us. I can not express my gratitude enough for what you have done. I often struggled with the loss of my grand father as a child. I felt that my father, myself, and brothers were cheated by his untimely death. You have helped our family immensely by filling in the holes of history for all of us.

      I was always aware of my Aunt’s work on her father’s service. She has always been the family historian. Her daughter has picked up the torch as the spear head to ensure the history and stories of both sides of our extended family remain alive.

      Thank you from all of us, Canadian and American, for healing some of the pain associated with never meeting our grandfather. Thank you also for every person who had a family member in the 443 squadron. A squadron does not work without the support of ground crew, clerks, supply personnel and many more.

      Now I can share pictures and stories of my grandfather with my children. We may have never meet him in life, but we now have a better idea of who he was thanks to your blog and site.

      I can not thank you enough for your work here.

      Thank you,

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