Chuck Thornton Redux

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A comment from a reader about this post written in 2012…


the group photo at Headoorn, Sept ’43: My Mother discovered this photo of my Father (Chuck Thornton) for the first time in a book entitled “Spitfires” (printed in the 90s) while browsing in a book store. She said that she seldom looked in the History section of the store but that day for no reason she walked straight to it, saw the book, and opened it on page 90 – to see this very photo.

“Le hasard, c’est peut-être le pseudonyme de Dieu quand il ne veut pas signer.”

About the post…

Small world.

About Chuck or Charles Thornton.

This has to be him in this small picture sent by Peter Lecoq, the son of Pierre Lecoq…

I managed to edit it.

He is next to Pierre Lecoq aka Peter Logan…

He is also in this picture sent a few months ago by Dean Black.

Here is the original picture.

Sometimes we just have to sit and wait for more information to reach us.


“Le hasard, c’est peut-être le pseudonyme de Dieu quand il ne veut pas signer.”

I don’t believe in coincidence.

2 thoughts on “Chuck Thornton Redux

  1. Hi, I was just reading Canada’s History magazine (June/July Issue) focussing on D-Day, to find a picture of my Uncle Jim. He was F/O Jim ‘Jimmy’ Preston from St Catharines. My dad (4 years his junior) also emulated his older brother and successfully became a Spitfire pilot in RCAF 410 Squadron (the Lynx). Dad made it to England in 1943 where Jimmy had arrived some time earlier and was in Headoorn when this 403 Squadron picture was taken. Please note that he is labelled incorrectly as ‘Jerry’ in the pic but he is correctly named on the pilot list. Cheers! Brian Preston

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