Werk Number 210147

Another contribution by Mark White whose father was an erk with 403 Squadron.

Another photo from my dad George White’s collection. The caption just says “Tail Fin From German Aircraft”.

Werk Number 210147

This is without a doubt the tail section of a Fw 190D-9. The Germans kept incredibly accurate records. This particular aircraft can be identified by the Werk Number 210147.

Werk Number 210147 Fw 190 D

More Information on the Long Nose Focke-Wulf 190 Dora 9

In all likelihood the tail fin is from a I. or II./JG 26 aircraft, or a former III./JG 54 plane that was passed on to JG 26 after 25 February 1945 (until that time III./JG 54 had operated under JG 26 command). All D-9s in the series 210139 to 210160 were delivered to these Gruppen, with the single exception of W.Nr. 210145, which was a 12./JG 2 aircraft (lost on 01 January 1945 during Bodenplatte).

More info on FW 190D-9 Werk Number Identification

Werk Number 210147 Fw 190 D page


The aircraft is identified – now we need to know who the ERKS are.

Werk Number 210147 Fw 190 D montage


Mark White

January 2014

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