Thirde, Tressam, Todd, Ottawa 1940 Redux

See the footnote after reading this.

Tommy Todd

Andrew Todd, Tommy Todd’s grandson, sent me this picture.

The caption on the back says…

“Thirde, Tressam, Todd, Ottawa 1940”

Thirde could be this airman.

In memory of
Flight Sergeant
William Thirde
who died on November 1, 1942

Military Service:

Service Number: R/80227
Age: 21
Force:Air Force
Unit:Royal Canadian Air Force
Division:233 Squadron

Additional Information:

Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Thirde, of Hartney, Manitoba, Canada.

Tressam could be this airman.

In memory of
Thomas Edward Tressam
who died on December 8, 1941

Military Service:

Service Number: R/75814
Age: 25
Force: Air Force
Unit: Royal Canadian Air Force

Additional Information:

Son of Thomas and Lydia Tressam; husband of Lois A. Tressam, of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Would you have more information on these two airmen?


I got this from Mark White.

TRESSAM, THOMAS EDWARD SGT (P) R75814. From Hamilton, Ontario. Killed December 8, 1941 age 25. #60 Operational Training Unit. Defiant Aircraft #N 1570 failed to return from training flight. Sergeant Pilot Tressman has no known grave, his name inscribed on the Runnymede War Memorial, Englefield Green, Egham , Surrey, England.

Thomas Tressam

THIRDE, WILLIAM FS (AG) R80227. From Hartney, Manitoba. Killed in action November 1,1942 age 21. #233 Squadron (Ymlaen). Hudson Aircraft was seen by the crews of other squadron aircraft to spin into the Atlantic Ocean, off La Guardia, Portugal. The aircraft disappeared immediately and only wreckage was sighted. Three of the crew, not Canadians were also killed. Flight Sergeant Air Gunner Thirde has no known grave. His name is inscribed on the Runnymede War Memorial, Englefield Green, Egham , Surrey, England.


On a Side Note:

Hartney, Manitoba is a small town in southwestern Manitoba. It is only a few miles from my mother’s hometown of Reston, Manitoba.

During the Second World War, these small towns probably only had a population of 200-300 people.  Because of the depression and lack of work for young men, and because of their close proximity to British Commonwealth Air Training Plan bases, many of the young men from these areas enlisted in the RCAF and many were war casualties.

Hartney, Manitoba has a War Memorial and William Thirde along with 14 other casualties of the war are listed.

Reston, Manitoba also has a War Memorial. My uncle, John “Jack” Forman and 17 other casualties of the war are listed.

I really understand the impact the Second World War had on my mother and other people from these small towns. A whole generation of young men was lost.

Mark White

December 2013

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