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logbook page

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A whole wealth of information!

H.M.S. Eagle to Malta

Bruce’s contribution

Bonjour Pierre, hello John,
Back home now. Checked logbook.  Dad has no entry for 9 May 1942. He flew a Spit he marked as ” 177″  from HMS Eagle to Malta on 18 May.  I  attach (in my techo-challenged way) a copy of my working copy of the relevant page for your records.  If you would like a scanned shot of the original page let me know; I just need to warm up my antique Canon scanner.


logbook page

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I did not know Buck McNair flew off an aircraft carrier. I have to know more. And yes Bruce I would like a scanned image from your antique Canon if possible.

Meantime I will be reading Pat Murphy’s account of Spitfires taking off HMS Eagle.

Click here to read it.

Malta Spitfire on Wasp

Spitfires on USS Wasp