Sense of humour

I take this blog about RCAF 403 Squadron very seriously even though sometimes I will joke around with some of my readers.

Pilots would also joke around. Having a sense of humour (spelled humor if you live in the U.S.) was a way pilots were coping with fear.

Fear was always present.

Mac Reeves

Click on the image

I am currently writing the story of another pilot.

Jean-Baptiste Normand Roy

He is missing since May 17, 1943.

His story is on my other blog which is a spin-off of this one. You can read the first post here about this French-Canadian pilot.

You could also read the blog from the start and see how that blog about RCAF 128 (F) Squadron evolved.

Of course you don’t have to, but then you would be missing a lot.

I hope you don’t mind my sense of humour.

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