Just a picture

I posted this on the wrong blog. I hope you will forgive me for this.

RCAF No. 443 Squadron


I was too excited and I posted this on the wrong blog!

Proceed with your reading anyway…

Bruce McNair just sent this.

Dad Rod number 6 course

With this personal message…

Hi Pierre,

I won’t tax you with mon francais fracturé here, so relax!  As you have been chatting about Rod and my Dad on your blog , I thought you might be i interested in this photo.  This was taken on graduation, Course Number 6.  They now knew how to fly!  The names are set out and I have blown up the relevant part, showing Rod on the left and Dad on the right.  It was all ahead of them- war, madness, scrambles, ramrods,  heart-ache and ultimately, victory.  Most didn’t make it to 1945.  Dad lived until 1971, Rod until 2002.



Just a picture?

Think again.

Dad Rod number 6 course close up

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8 thoughts on “Just a picture

  1. For Bruce McNair:

    Thank you for posting these things about your father.

    Do you have his logbook(s)? I would be very interested to know which Spitfires he flew to Malta on the 9th and the 18th of May 1942.

    John Engelsted

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