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These photos I received from Canada. It’s  a unit belonging to 75 MTLRU RAF at Hamburg Rahlstedt. Some photos show Station Schleswig in northern Germany.  Hopefully on the photos, someone may recognize some old pals.

Best regards 

Heinz  Johannsen


via Heinz Johannsen


via Heinz Johannsen

More background information later on.

Heinz had left this message on this Website.

No 75 Motor Transport Light Repair Unit

Flt Lt. E.G. Keep is looking for Members of 75 MTLRU 1945/46  Please contact me I have a number of photos of this unit stationed in Hamburg Northern Germany 1945.  Heinz Johannsen  



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6 thoughts on “75 MTLRU RAF

  1. Some of those boys don’t look very happy – not too many smiles on their faces as they wait for trucks and trains.
    They all probably just want to get back home after many years of war overseas.

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