Buck McNair’s Medals

Bruce sent me these pictures with this message early this morning.

Greetings from the East.  I attach here another photo you may be interested in.  My Dad was awarded a number of decorations.  I had them mounted in a rather nice mahogany display box by the old venerated company Spink, of London, whose offices are a museum of memories.  The downside to having them in a box is that photos become difficult because of the reflections, again.  I have managed to do the first one by using darkish background behind me to reduce reflections and by cropping out the display box itself.  The second I’ve left as is, with bad reflections.  The third shot is a legend to explain the decorations.  I also attach a brief legend to the various decorations.  I hope that you find these of interest.  Please feel free to crop, adjust, square,  bob and weave to improve the quality, as you see fit.

Bruce is an early bird. So am I.

And I am always quick to react when someone shares something with my readers.

photo 7

photo 6

photo 8